Rail Saver Pro Holland Michigan Stand Up Paddling SUP

Protect your SUP with Rail Saver Pro

Since our first year of carrying Stand Up Paddle Boards in 2008, The Outpost has tried several different manufactures of rail guard in an attempt to protect your SUP.  All have fallen short until now…The Rail Saver Pro  is absolutely the best product on the market.  We are happy to say The Outpost is one of the first retailers in the U.S.A. to stock this amazing tape.  We stock three colors of the Rail Saver Pro:  Clear ($59), Black with white strips ($69), and White with black stripes ($69).  We have heard some other SUP retailers are apprehensive about selling this tape due to the cost.  The Outpost says why not protect your SUP with the BEST!  Easy to apply, looks great, extremely long lasting are all great reasons to buy.  Check out Rail Saver Pro  for more information.