Stand Up Paddling FAQ

Where can I buy a stand up paddleboard?

The Outpost stocks over 45 different models of Stand Up Paddleboards, many with multiple color options. At the start of the season for 2016, we carried almost 150 SUP boards to give you the greatest choice.

Are there stand up paddling lessons available?

The Outpost offers lessons/demos on most Saturday mornings beginning late spring through the fall months. Cost is $35.00 and can be applied towards the purchase of your new stand up paddle board. Call The Outpost at 616-396-5556 for more information or to sign-up.

Where can I go stand up paddling?

Our customers enjoy paddling all over Michigan. Here are a few of our customer highlights of favorite places to go: Mike from Hamilton keeps his SUPs by his backyard pond for his kids to paddle and play on. Tony from Spring Lake enjoys the surrounding bayous near his home. Doug from Holland walks his board down the dune hillside to paddle Lake Michigan. Matt and Joey from Ada are often seen cruising Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids. Stephanie of Holland and Matt of Saugatuck will be up and down the Kalamazoo River in Saugatuck.

How do I transport the stand up paddleboard on my car?

From smaller compact cars to large SUVs, The Outpost carries a wide selection of rack options to fit your car. Wanting to stay with a budget option, we offer soft portable rack systems that are easy on and off. For the customer wanting the custom fit option, The Outpost works primarily with both Thule. Remember, if your vehicle has factory cross bars, the only thing needed are some simple bar pads with tie down straps!

What size paddle board is best for me?

This is one of the most popular questions we get. Properly fitting the stand up paddleboard to the size of the people using it and the type of use it will have is what The Outpost specializes in. With our extensive inventory of stand up paddleboards, we will be able to give you options for the right board.

Do I need to wax the top of the stand up paddleboard?

All our SUPs have a padded surface for standing in multiple positions throughout the board. No wax is needed unless you plan to walk the nose of your board!

Can the fins on a paddleboard be removed?

Yes, the fins can be removed with a simple screwdriver. Usually it is not necessary to remove the fins except for storage reasons or stacking multiple boards during transportation. The Outpost stocks specialty fins from FCS, including tool-less removal options.

Why not just a kayak?

The Outpost has had a long history of selling kayaks. We have quickly found stand up paddleboards are:

  • Lighter weight
  • Don’t fill with water
  • Offers more family fun
  • Better fitness
  • An open water platform to do more than just paddle
  • You don’t have to stay in a fixed position as you can stand, sit or lay down
  • Offers a better visual looking out and down through the water
  • The option of riding waves
Do I need waves for Stand Up Paddling?

No, waves are not needed but we find many people will be curious at some point and catch a wave or two. Many of our customers enjoy paddling on smaller lakes at their cottages or on beautiful calm days on Lake Michigan.

Can you surf with a stand up paddleboard?

Yes, you definitely can surf with your SUP. Waves in our area are created by wind which can make surfing much more difficult than the ocean. We recommend beginners start on flat water and build experience and strength before taking to the waves. Once you are comfortable with your board, with an emphasis on board stability, you will have a great time catching your first waves. We will always stress the importance of wearing a leash and using extreme caution around swimmers. Stand up paddling became popular by surfers when the ocean was not good enough to surf. They choose to be on the water, paddling for fun and fitness.

Where is the best place to stand on a paddleboard?

The entire selection of stand up paddleboards that The Outpost stocks come with a handle built into the board which represents the center point of balance. We recommend, as you start out on your new SUP, to straddle the handle with feet positioned in an athletic stance for width. A slightly forward or back stance from the center position may at times be needed due to water conditions.

What size paddle do I need?

The general rule is to have the paddle length 10” above your height. Your paddle length may be different due to the volume of your board or paddling style. The blade size will also be a consideration depending on your purpose for paddling.

Why does the paddle have an angle?

Paddles are angled to make the 3 stages of the stroke effective. The catch, power phase and recovery will all be part of the continued refining that paddlers will work on throughout the season. Remember proper paddle position is holding the angle of the paddle blade to the front of the board.

What Stand Up Paddling companies do you work with?

The Outpost works closely with the best stand up paddle board manufacturers: Surftech, Amundson, Riviera, and NRS Inflatables. Our relationship with these companies allows the The Outpost to bring you the best product available and service if and when needed.

Are some stand up paddleboards constructed better than others?

Not all boards are created equal. One key factor for determining which board is right for you are ingredients of its makeup. Plain and simple, bad ingredients can tremendously affect the durability of your stand up paddle board and more importantly, how it paddles. You will notice some SUP’s are constructed better, but many will float and glide differently through the water. Just because brand “ABC” is a 11’0” SUP board does not mean it will feel the same as brand “XYZs” 11’0” board. This is where the staff at The Outpost will guide you through your buying process.

What can I expect to pay for a stand up paddleboard?

The Outpost has competitive pricing to retail and e-commerce stores. Our stand up paddle board pricing begins at $799 and increases to upwards of $2000. Paddles range from $189 to $559, and we also stock many accessories.